Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Passes

As a British citizen, this is a sad day for our country and the commonwealth – not because of the passing of a ruler – but because of the great loss we will feel over the coming years as we come to terms with the loss of our unique figurehead and global representative. The person who maintained an immaculate image of what it is to be British. Our perceived identity.

I’m not a royalist, but I am completely aware of how her majesty dutifully served her role so precisely and with the utmost dedication – sacrificing what we would identify as a ‘normal lifestyle’ and fulfilling that role thought most of our lives.

The time for scrutiny and good riddance’s isn’t today. Respect her as an individual, as a mother, grandmother and great grandmother who has been lost but will always be remembered.

Image credit – Queen Elizabeth II by Dorothy Wilding, 26 February 1952. © National Portrait Gallery, London.