‘MASK: The Movie’ Should Happen!

No, I don’t mean the one with Jim Carrey. M.A.S.K was a toyline that ran from 1985 through 1988, along with an 1985 animated TV show that lasted one season – although 75 episodes were broadcast.

The concept centered around the Mobile Armored Strike Kommand, a group of anti-terrorist specialists locked in a battle against terrorist organization VENOM (which stood for Vicious Evil Network Of Mayhem). They had two special weapons: helmets that gave them super-powers, and everyday vehicles that transformed into other vehicles that could be used to fight terrorism.

It’s actually surprising that no one has tried to reboot MASK already, because it feels perfectly primed for today’s audiences. Anti-terrorist operatives with technology that suggest spectacular CGI set-pieces – isn’t that exactly what audiences want these days? Just tone down the colorful original costumes, add some tragic backstory, and deliver to Michael Bay to produce. Profit awaits. I would be a happy boy!

Source: [Wired]