Virgin Media Continue UK Domination

Earlier this year, Virgin Media pledged to rapidly expand its cable broadband across the UK. Dubbed “Project Lightning,” its aim is to offer speedy 152Mbps internet to an extra 4 million homes over the next five years. The company kicked off the project in Manchester, and today it’s announcing the next city on its hit list: Nottingham.

Roughly £25 million of its promised £3 billion investment will go towards fitting out 50,000 homes and businesses in the area.

As a Virgin Media customer in Manchester, I can report that although speeds of up to 152Mbps are possible at off-peak times, the popularity of the Virgin Media offers have resulted in some Manchester customers suffering from ‘high utilisation’ – At peak times download speeds drop to as low as 2Mbps (thats a 98% drop in speed on my own package).

Virgin Media are of course trying to remedy this issue; but with a mixture of financial implications and local council approval being necessary, it could take some time – I have been quoted the end of September 2015 for a fix.

Customers who notice the drop in speed are being offered discounts on their line rental, but that doesnt make the evening’s painfully slow connection any better.

Source: [Engadget]